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Delphi Pascal Programming

29 July 2016 - 08:28 AM

Hi everyone,

My name is Andy and am new in this forum,

Actually, am a student (new student that is) in Delphi programming.

Being a correspondent course, it is difficult to find someone (within an area) whom to share both ideas and motivation with.

I would therefore thank all the people behind this forum for opening and operating such a wonderful site.


Coming to my purpose of this post, am actually doing a practical assignment and I need help on how to go about certain areas.

For example,

1. I need to create a code that shows (in a listBox) current date of the day the report was submitted.

I have however tried the following code which shows the date that I (the programmer in puts), not the salesperson (who is actually not programmer):


"procedure Tfrm2016Assignment2_PetShop.btnEndClick(Sender: TObject);
  lstReport.Items.Add('*****END OF REPORT*****[2016/07/24]');
The demerit of this code is that it can only show the date I have in put.
What I want is a code that will automatically pick the system's date; without the salesperson being bothered about event handlers (and without the need for another Edit Text through which to in put date).
2. I need another code that when the salesperson selects an item from the listBox (lstProducts), then enters the number in SpinEdit1 (sedItems) and SpinEdit2 (sedQuantity) for number of items and quantity per box/crate (respectively), then the results show another ListBox (or lstReport as I have named it).
Lastly but not least, how do I draw or put pictures/icons on the form, Something like a logo? 
Thanking you all in advance.


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