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Basic C++ Game Hacking Tutorial

12 August 2018 - 07:26 AM

If you have ever wanted to modify a video game on the Windows platform you have probably heard of Cheat Engine. But how do you translate a Cheat Engine script into a C++ application? Today you can find out. In this video I'll walk you through the whole process of writing a basic external C++ trainer. We'll be finding the running game process and finding the correct module running in the process via the ToolHelp32Snapshot windows API function and we'll be using OpenProcess to gain access permissions and finally WriteProcessMemory to modify the variables. This tutorial does require some prior knowledge on using Cheat Engine but this is the video which shows coding part which is what people here will be most interested in.



This is for education purposes only, I just do this for fun.  If you like a challenge game hacking can be a lot of fun.

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