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Las Vegas Phone Services [hostedpbx ip phone]

25 January 2019 - 05:20 AM

VoIP Phone Service

Las Vegas Business Cloud PBX VoIP Phone Service


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details: https://nocroom.com/...phone-services/


Many Las Vegas & Henderson NV businesses have no time for and can’t spare the resources to invest in the traditional wired PBX services. But with a NocRoom turn-key installation, there is no reason to waste time or money on a separate wired phone system or have in-house resources diverted from business goals. The NocRoom dedicated PBX uses existing computer network wiring, eliminating the cost and hassle of installing a wired phone network in each of your various locations.

Once installed, you are up and running everywhere, including:

  • Satellite Locations
  • Home Offices
  • Mobile Users with Cell Phones
  • Overseas Locations

Everyone on the turn-key PBX network has access to all the features of the phone system, regardless of where they are in the world, just as though they were at their desk in their home office.


details: https://nocroom.com/...phone-services/

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