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16 August 2015 - 03:22 AM

Hi everyone,


I'm a new here and I'd like to introduce myself and my website.


I work in the IT industry but haven't been a professional programmer for some years now. COBOL and FORTRAN were current when I was writing code. Nowadays I just program for fun.


I'm not a great programmer and I enjoy the things that computers/software can do more than building computers or writing code itself (though I do both of those things). With that in mind I decided to look for a programming challenge that was targeted at the solution rather than means. So my idea is a to challenge programmers to write a program that can play a game called Abelstro. The interface is simple - call a webpage with a simple url and the response comes back as plain text. All of the data is in json format so its easy to build a url message and to extract the content from the response.


Its not sophisticated but as I said, the key is to make the method easy so I could focus on the solution - the website - and the same for any programmers that want to take up the challenge. I want them to be focused on game play strategies rather than how to interact with the web site.


The game is quite simple too but at the moment I just want to see if people are interested in the concept of a game for computers play (rather than for people to play).


Ideally programs will play against one another but I've also built in a way to play against my program which is built into the website.


The website is ablestro.esy.es. It's a WordPress site so that its easy to leave feedback and their are full and (I hope) easy to understand instructions on how to play. I would welcome your opinion either here or on the site.


Thank you for reading.


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