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27 September 2017 - 03:42 AM

Hello. I've stumbled accross a brick wall I can't seem to get past.


I'm using MySQL Workbench Community 6.3.8, build 1228. User data is taken from a website that we use in our company (its a logging system of added, modified and deleted users from our Active Directory). We're taking a backup every day at 22:00 of everything from htdocs (with Veeam Backup). Sadly, we only have 1 version of the mysql database.


Now, I've done database backups manually until now. How could we make this go automatic? If it could export itself at 21:00 to C:\SQL\backup.sql and then veeam would take a backup of that to our backup server. I've been looking around for scripts or something to use, but no luck. I can say that I have basic knowledge with mysql databases, but needed some help with this one.