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Looking for a mate programmer or co-founder

02 February 2015 - 06:28 AM

My name is Alex. I am a software developer with 10+ years of experience with Windows desktop platform (C++, then C#). Although for the last few years I"ve been working in a leadership position and haven"t been coding at work, in my free time I learn Java technology stack (started with Spring, Hibernate, JSP etc) and web technologies. 
Since it is always more effective to learn in a real project, I was looking forward to join an opensource project. But finally I came up with an idea of a product or service that would leverage the technology stack I am learning and can potentially be a source of income. 
At the moment, I already created the backend that does all business logic and a simple frontend that utilizes its functionality and hosted it on RedHat cloud (JBoss 7). The next steps as I see them is to productize the solution back-end and design the company web site that would provide paid access to the service. 
Why am I posting here?
1. While learning technologies all alone I sometimes doubt I'm doing things right. I like to stick with effective solutions and not to invent a bicycle. As for C# which I know very well, sometimes I help younger developers to avoid mistakes that I went through before.
2. Since I am new to the technology stack, my performance may be not high enough to bring a solution into production quickly.
3. Web stuff is embarrassing me. It seems one needs to have a specific mindset in order to develop for web. When I develop Web I feel like crawling through debris blindfolded, so a co-developer with Web experience would help.
So I am looking for a mate with whom we could either learn together while working on a project or who could mentor me. If our project succeed - we will make some money with it. I will share my idea and the code. If you have a better idea of a product or service - I will be more than happy to join you since my primary goal as of now is to learn.
Please contact me if you are interested in this.
The technologies I learn and use:
Back-end: Java (Spring, Hibernate, jetty, maven, JAXB etc)
Front end: Javascript (AngularJS), jQuery, AJAX, bootstrap, etc - but can be anything
My contact: ay8.dev@gmail.com
Anyway thanks for reading this through the end :)
Not sure if I am posing to the right forum so Moderators please advice not ban.

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