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12 September 2015 - 11:12 AM

     Hello CodeCall forum!  Although I have been in the same business continually for 29 years, I am fairly recent to programming and seo as of Feb 2014 when I first got a web presence starting with the purchase of 5 domain names, CurbNumbers.com (self-descriptive and still intended to keep because it is best at being self-descriptive of the service offered), CurbPainting.com (sister and mirror site used because the two words match those used in 7 times as many keyword searches as "curb" and "numbers" and 3 other feeder sites closely named).

      After 6 months of building the sites and another 6 months learning seo, I have learned that often there is no cut and dry answer for seo, esp since the search engines keep their exact algorithms secret but advertise from 200 to many more hundreds of factors. Also, because the search engines often re-crawl sites only every 30 days, even the most trafficked sites like facebook, it often takes awhile to see if changes are for the better or worse.  I also discovered that even when recrawling sites, backlinks can be ignored totally - I guess maybe the specific subdomain that the backlink is on maybe has to get enough traffic to be counted.  Anyway, that is all I should say for now as I know that short reads are much preferred. Will expound on some programming concerns later. TTYS! Cheers! - David K, owner

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