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New application for learning english vocabulary

31 July 2014 - 02:39 AM

Hi, my friends. We just published this new app for learning english language. It is using the spaced repetition system for learning. I would be grateful for your opinions and suggestions.
Its free app on google play:
Thank you.

Mobile application for learning English - suggestions wanted :)

07 July 2014 - 07:07 PM

Hello my friends, we are now finishing LingLing - mobile application for learning languages for iOS and Windows Phone. 
It uses spaced repetition alghoritm (application similar to the classic system of supermemo), gamification and mnemonics. 
I was using this application to learn Thai for about a year - 20-30 minutes a day  learn gave me ability to read Thai and memorize 4000 new words a day (in the end of the year I plan to make 7000, which should already allow me to speak freely in this language). 
Currently, we have free versions on Android:

The application for learning English LingLing:
The application for learning Spanish LingLing:
The application for learning French LingLing:
The application for learning German LingLing:
The application for learning Chinese LingLing:
The application for learning Thai LingLing:
As we are now in the last stage of developing this app for iOS and Windows Phone i would like to ask you, if you could give me some feedback about the app - what we can improve, change or maybe you have some interesting ideas, how to make this app even more effective and easy to use.

If you have any problems with using the app - you can fin tutorial here http://www.joinlingling.com  here are all the features explained in details.
Thank you in advance for your help guys!

[JOB] Senior Software Developer in Tropical Paradise Thailand Needed

12 June 2014 - 02:47 AM

Senior Software Developer


Ready to the biggest adventure of your life?

Have you ever dreamt of coding the best mobile apps while sitting on some island in a tropical paradise and drinking papaya drink, served by the most beautiful girl in the world?

Have you ever wanted to change your life, get some amazing adventure and opportunity to get rich by doing what you love most – creating outstanding games and apps, being a part of ourageous and multinational team?

Have you ever wanted to be creative, put yourself 100% into the project – not only code but also help designing top appstore/google play games?

Are you highly skilled in coding mobile games in Cocos or Unity, are you a gamer, who knows how to make games amazing, who is creative and willing to put heart to the projects?

If you answer YES to theese 4 questions – please contact us to become our Senior Software Developer.

We provide:

    Extraordinary salary with an option to become a shareholder in multinational company
    Visa and Work Permit, supported by Thai Government
    Amazing work flexibility and environment (palms, islands, beautiful Thai girls, amazing Thai food = tropical adventure)

Get part in the amazing mobile company in Thailand! Spend with us 2-3 years, working on top mobile apps and games - and get enough money to be walthy, be free all the rest of your life!

This is the only chance like this in your life – you don`t want to ever miss it!

Apply now! Let the journey begin! Write to us: hr(AT)tingtongapps.com


Info about our company:

TingTong in thai language means positively crazy – brings happiness and unlimited joy. TingTong Apps Co. Ltd. is your mobile games creator, located in beautiful Thailand. Founded in 2013 under the promotion of Board Of Investment of Thailand by professional programmers and gamers with 10 years of experience, provides entertainment for people all around the world.


Our company's mission is to create the most amazing mobile apps and games, with highest quality and standards. Currently we have been cooperating with Thai Ministry of Education, Microsoft, Google, Apple and Samsung. Our future plans focus on developing 15 mobile apps and games yearly with highest quality standards.


Meet us:

We are a team of 7 people, that love to enjoy life to its fullest! Our TingTong Company was established in beginning od 2013 year by Arnon Dagan from Israel, Chris Krol and Artur Tochowicz from Europe. We appreciate great help from BOI (Board Of Investment of Thailand), where we met a lot of amazing people, that helped us on all the way and still show, that Thailand is the greatest place to make business in the world!


On a business meeting you will see us with perfectly cut suits and cufflings, however on a daily basis we wear shorts and colorful shirts with flowers.


We love life and enjoy life! We did a lot of stuff before - one of us was a monk in a Buddhist temple, one wrote 7 bestselling books and was a motivational speaker, teaching people how to success in life. We love to share our knowledge with others - we fund scholarships, help students to develop themselves, lead seminars in Bangkok about mobile applications.


Together all of us had before more than 20 successful companies - just to take all this experience and build amazing enterprise in lovely Thailand. Here is how our office looks:


Our company is located in the apartment building in Buriram, Thailand. Our offices are on the top floor. A lot of time we spent on various islands - we just love coconut palms and ocean water! We have brought also some of the palms to our office!



Although some of us are 43 years old - we study all the time - we love learning and developing ourselves.



In our lives and company we have one, most important rule: "Come on... Enjoy life!". We don`t work, we focus on our passion and dreams and put them into reality.


Our team loves to travel - often we go to various seminars, islands, lovely places all over the world - we believe  discovering the world gives us inspiration.


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