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Project: rusEfi - electronic fuel injection

04 February 2014 - 06:54 AM

rusEfi - electronic fuel injection / engine control unit for a car. Open source, based on stm32 - using stm32f4discovery for now.


A little bit of background: I am a software developer by trade (core java, high performance java - financial industry) and cars are a hobby. At some point I've got interested in turbo-charting the car and this lead to looking into the configurable ECUs - "engine brains" - and I've realized that the most of the products on the marked are closed-sources, and the open or relatively open ones... I've realized they are a bit outdated - no FPU, hardware hacks, poor code readability etc...


So, I've checked the state of embedded programminig and I've realized that things are not as hardcore as they used to be - you can now program chips via USB, you can get a 168Mhz dev board for $15 - a LOT of CHEAP power, and noone is using it so far!


Here comes rusEfi - http://rusefi.com/

Hack-a-day article gives a good overview.


Source code lives at https://svn.code.sf....trunk/firmware/


Here is an article from developer point of view - http://rusefi.com/articles/tachometer/


So if anyone would be interested to contribute & play with all this, if you know software and curious to contribyte to a real-life project - please do not hesitate :)


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