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25 August 2013 - 08:03 PM

Hello, my name is Mike V( I know of alot of Mike's, so that's what I'll stick with). I just downloaded Eclipse and Python and am currently trying on my own to learn python. I'm a novice at programming. I'm just getting my feet wet. If anyone out there is reading this and you know anything about how to understand basic programming and you know the fundamentals of what the pieces of a program are all about; i.e. what does a function do? How does a program work? Are all programming languages built the same but have different markup( I think that's the word; correct me if I'm wrong). I know i should be reading more; it's just that programming is something that i'm just getting started with, and it helps to talk to people that are in the know. So, if you are in the know, and i know you are; I'm open to suggestions, ideas, recommendations, feedback, ect.


Soon to be software engineer

P.S. That's what I would like to do. I just feel like i'm lost on the whole subject at times.

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