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13 June 2014 - 05:24 PM


I plan on buying a KVM switch (IOGEAR GCS2SU) for my workstation, I currently have three towers, two laptops (soon three), and a 40' flat screen television as a monitor. My keyboard is a logitech k400r (built in mouse). However, I will only be using my three towers and one of my laptops, and was thinking it would be a better idea to have a single monitor instead of one for each tower/laptop. One of my towers runs XP, another Arch Linux, my primary laptop runs Manjaro, my frankenstein laptop runs a current LFS I work on periodically, and my main tower runs Windows 8. I'm pretty sure that the KVM switch will work for all the different OSs, but wondered if anyone else had a similar setup and had success. From the reviews, it appears to be a safe buy, but I just wanted to ensure its functionality. Also, would you guys think it will be possible to have 4 sub-screens in the same 40' monitor area? If so, would you happen to know if this is the KVM switch to do the job? or should I be looking for a different unit?



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