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#649156 Silences Programmings Tour - MASM32 (General Edition)

Posted by Yeti on 04 January 2013 - 12:00 PM

This is not my text nor content, but a quote of the original poster at another forum. I asked the original uploader aka maker of these tutorials for permission and he agreed.

Hey guys, as you might know we have one day left to live, because the 21'th the world will be gone... So I would like to say thanks to all my friends in the rce scene. Farewel !

Hahaha no just kidding ! Posted Image
This is the real story:

Silence is back with a new tutorial tour! This time with a
brand new tutorial-serie of 11 parts(!) about programming
in windows x32.
In this serie I will learn you how to code in masm32.
Everything is very well explained, each line, each word &
each API.

This tour is called "General Edition" simply because I will
learn you general masm32 programming. In example I will
learn you how to code a simple messagebox up to a
mp3 music player Posted Image

Note: This tour doesn't contain any illegal content

Title: Silences Programmings Tour - MASM32 (General Edition)
Total Duration: 267,68 minutes
Format: swf
Content: (including source)

1. Introduction, Setup & Skeleton of Exe (18:04)
2. Our first MessageBox (12:49)
3. Our first DialogBox (18:57)
4. DialogBox in Detail (27:56)
5. Default toolbar controls part 1 (RichEdit, Trackbar,
Radiobutton & Checkbox) (27:27)
6. Default toolbar controls part 2 (Progressbar & Tabs) (25:00)
7. Default toolbar controls part 3 (Listbox) (19:15)
8. Default DialogBoxes (Color, Font, Open, Save, Print,
Page-Setup, Find-Text, Find-Replace) (38:00)
9. Simple file management (29:27)
10. Showing Bitmap image & Playing mp3 files (25:30)
11. Windows Registry + Final words (27:03)

Christmas Present (Pass = HAPPYxMAS)

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