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Reading Id3 Tags from A SHOUTcast mp3 Radio Stream with PHP

01 November 2012 - 08:58 AM

Hi guys,

We have been started a new internet radio project. I'm still programming a flash player for our radio web site but I have some problems with it. I cant get the id3 metatags of the streaming songs. Flash can get id3 tags but the event can only be triggered when the mp3 file is loaded. Flash acts the stream as a single mp3 file so the stream can not be load. It streams continuously.

So I have done some research on internet and every one says that flash can not do this. The id3 tags has to be read from an other language, like PHP.
And I found this article. (http://www.smackfu.c.../shoutcast.html) It explains the main idea of reading id3 tags from the SHOUTcast stream. Unfortunately I haven't got any PHP skills. So I cant do anything :(

All I need is a very simple script that reads the id3 metadata (artist, song-title) from the stream for 5 seconds time intervals and write the data to a file (XML or TXT file)

If you would give a try, you can try your code with these stream (ip: port:8479) it will be online.

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