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Simulation of Life

21 October 2012 - 04:54 PM

Alright. I am writing this post because I would like feedback on this idea (please let me know if this is the best place, I didn't know where else to put it) on an project I have been working on in my spare time from school and the game I am designing.

First off, about the project:
This project is actually quite large and based off of human history. From January 1st, 50000 BC to December 31st, 2012, starting from 2 cells, a whole human race will be born digitally. At least, that's the goal. The point of this project is to see, statistically, how many people have died to plagues, starvation, war, natural incidents, etc. Also, it's ultimate goal is to verify the Keyfitz numbers. (which is the amount of people who have lived on Earth, ever. As of 0:00:00 GMT, December 31, 2011, this total is 107,602,707,791! 6.5 percent of all people that have ever been alive, have been born in the last year. Wow.) This simulation takes the following variables into account:

-1 turn is 1 month so there are 624155 turns in the simulation
-Before 600 BC, generations were 10 to 20 years apart
-Between 600 BC and 1800 AD, generations tend to be 15 to 25 years apart
-After 1800 AD, generations tend to be 20 to 30 years apart
-Assume 88 unique generations have passed since Aristotle died
(Based off of http://www.ehow.com/...enerations.html and other texts)

-Lifespan in the various time periods are (pulled from http://en.wikipedia....Life_expectancy):
First column is the era, second is the life expectancy at birth, and the third is the life expectancy later on
Upper Paleolithic 33 At age 15, life expectancy an additional 39 years (total age 54).
Neolithic[11] 20
Bronze Age and Iron Age[12] 26
Classical Greece[13] 28
Classical Rome[13] 28 At age 15, life expectancy an additional 37 years (total age 52).
Pre-Columbian North America[14] 25-30
Medieval Islamic Caliphate[15] 35+
Medieval Britain[16][17] 30 At age 21, life expectancy an additional 43 years (total age 64).
Early Modern Britain[12][19] 25-40
Early 20th Century[20][21] 31
2010 world average[22] 67.2
-Chances of a natural disaster, are calculated from http://www.tulane.ed...ntroduction.htm
-Wars are calculated from http://www.conflicth...eriod/1662-1667 and http://ehistory.osu....ld/WarsList.cfm. Regrettably, the first link will be shut down soon, and re-opened in January of 2013

Starvation and plague/sickness are generated in-simulation. So these rules are what the simulation is based off of. I've explained to you what it's about, now to explain some about it's goals.

This simulation will be designed for three purposes in particular:
-Prove or disprove the Keyfitz numbers. If I get a number within 5% of the expected Keyfitz number, this will help prove the Keyfitz numbers. Otherwise my data is incorrect, or the Keyfitz numbers are incorrect.
-Calculate how many natural disasters, wars, and plagues/sicknesses have occurred over those 624,155 months.
-Calculate how many deaths have occurred over this time period.

While the data won't be exact, it still provides a decent approximation of what has happened over those years.

If you are an experienced C# coder, I could use your help. This is a massive project, and I will be creating a Markov Generator, of sorts. It'll take the lifespans of humans, factor in natural disasters, and the other variables mentioned above, and create a new world. Doing so won't be a small undertaking, and each generation will take 14.45 hours if I calculate 1 year a second. If someone could help me program this, that would be fantastic. If you don't want to help program, but still help, give feedback! How can I make this better? Let me know!
Thanks for reading my huge post. What do you think?

Dark Nights Dungeon Crawler

19 October 2012 - 02:41 PM

Around 10 months ago, I decided to start learning C#. This led me into developing mods for the game Terraria, but I wasn't content. I wanted to explore more options, not be limited by a framework. So, I started making small apps. Here and there, a prime number checker, a small inventory management system, an Excel read/write system, etc. Then I became tired of that. I wanted to make a game, and here I am, writing about it.

This game is inspired off of the dungeon crawler, Dungeon Crawler Stone Soup. I've always been fascinated by the genre, and wanted to make one of my own. This was about a month ago. Over the 4 weeks since then, I've managed to write a sloppy world generator, code around 600 various items and spells, and start work on various species. However, I wouldn't be posting this here if I didn't have a plea to make. This game, which as I've stated, is programmed in C#, is becoming more difficult for me, as I have troubles handling graphics into a tile format. Also, I am a horrible graphic artist, and I need a decent pathfinding algorithm for the world generation. So, with all those problems, I need help. One or two graphic artists, and one or two C# programmers.

For those who are interested, e-mail me at iancaltabiano@gmail.com!

Some specs about the game:
-Each level is a 32x32 grid of tiles
-There are around 630 different graphics to be designed for spell icons, and inventory icons
-There are also 30 species that need graphics designed
-There are 75-150 tiles that need graphics designed
-There are several other graphics that need to be designed, but I hope you understand the massiveness of this project. Please help me if you can! If this gets off of the ground, that would be fantastic.

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