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Hello Everyone!

04 August 2012 - 05:51 AM

Hello everyone, and I must say I am very glad to have found such a site. I actually didnt see this section of the forum right away, so I went and posted in other places before coming to introduce myself. I am completely new to programming, as I am more of an artist myself, but I am determined to get through a video series I found and learn some C++.

To be honest, the only reason I have decided to take up coding is because of a new project I have joined. We are working on developing a game of evolution, from a microbe to space. Yes, it is widely inspired by Spore, but Spore's failure was the main reason we were inspired to start this project. We aim for scientific accuracy and in depth immersion where Spore failed. Anyways, if you would be interested in checking it out, check out my post in the Request Services section. We would be more than glad to welcome new people to our team.

Anyhow, don't want to advertise. Glad to be joining you guys!

Looking for Programmers for Thrive: An Epic Game Of Evolution

29 July 2012 - 12:28 PM

Before you begin reading, it is important to note that, as Thrive is a non profit game, there will not be any payment for contributions to this project. All we can give in return is our eternal gratitude, and a wonderful game.


Thrive is widely inspired by the concept behind a PC game called Spore. Though Spore was initially billed as a realistic, scientific game about evolution, the final product got watered down until it had practically nothing to do with science or reality. Thrive aims to succeed where Spore failed. Thrive will be a free, open-source game created by an online community of dedicated volunteers. Our team seeks to accomplish two major goals: create engaging, compelling gameplay that respects our players' intelligence, and remain as accurate as possible in our depiction of known scientific theory.

Upon beginning the game, you will witness the explosive birth of a new Universe. You start out in God Mode, one of the games three modes. The other two are Organism Mode and Strategy Mode. In God Mode, you can raise volcanoes, control the fate of ecosystems, and manipulate evolution itself-like a sandbox game. Organism Mode is entered by choosing an organism and essentially taking control of them. Explore the environment and encounter other organisms, all like a kind of adventure game. Strategy Mode is entered by picking some form of country or other faction, which you control in RTS style.

Thrive's goal is to encapsulate the player in the wonders of the universe, and to allow them to manipulate the virtual world around them in any way they please. Our game will contain multiple editors where players can create and modify technology, culture, organisms, and entire solar systems.

When a player tires of creation, or wishes to test what they have made, they can move on to actually playing the game, and experience the evolutionary progression of a species from a eukaryotic single cell to a thriving civilization. At any point in the game, a player can play as a single organism and experience the world through their senses. Later, as organisms group together, the player can move into an RTS-style play where they command several units at once- from a few footsoldiers to fleets of starships.

Along the way from cities to colonized planets and beyond, special tools will be discovered by your species. These "God Tools" allow for easy manipulation of entities within the game- merging together the editors and gameplay to allow the player to reshape their universe from within.


Since we realize the titanic scale of this project, we will focus on releasing it in segments, based off of the different stages of gameplay. The first stage to complete is the Microbe stage, which is almost entirely conceptualized. Prototypes can be found on our ModDB page.

If you are interested in joining this incredible project, and can donate any amount of time at all, please join our developer forums, at http://thrivegame.forum-free.ca/forum, where we will be more then glad to welcome you to the team. We really need programmers, and any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

For more information about Thrive, visit http://thrivegame.wikidot.com/

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