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Need Help With Indexing

27 June 2012 - 04:19 PM

Hello all, I'm trying to build a small app that will keep a list of movies in a .txt file to which I can add to (by means of the app) and then search that list using an index. The part I'm having trouble is with the index, as the adding and deleting methods are pretty straightforward. I was thinking of giving each movie a numeric code (0001, 0002, etc) that would just increase by 1 with each movie and use that code for searching, but I also want to be able to search by typing one or more words from the title.
For example, if I type 'war' in the search field, it should show me 'War of the worlds' and 'World at War' along with their information.
I'm really stumped on this, and while I know how to handle files in Obj-C and Java, I'm not sure how to go about this...

Arithmetic With Roman Numerals In Mips

11 June 2012 - 12:35 PM

I'm working on a little arithmetic project with roman numerals; pretty simple, except that it's on a MIPS machine...
Anyway, what the program will do is basically read the input roman numeral, convert it to a regular INT, perform the requested operation and return the answer as a roman numeral.
Not far into the program, I've run into my first obstacle... How to compare the character values to numbers efficiently... The program first reads the whole number as a string of characters using syscall 8, then I can check the individual letters by using a counter to move through the array... Now that I have a single character, I need to turn it into a number, but I don't want to make a branch for each exception, as the program would be far too inefficient...
Any suggestions?

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