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I Believe This Question Will Involve Ajax, Jquery, Php, And Sessions. I've Tried F...

03 June 2012 - 01:29 PM

I believe this question will involve AJAX, jQuery, PHP, and sessions. I've tried for days and can't crack this. Starting fresh after many walks.

I simply want a form with a dropdown box that does NOT refresh/reload the screen. Saves the selection as a SESSION and "selects" or highlights the dropdown choice based on the session they just set.

So in a nutshell...
- Client selects the option (must use onchange event instead of clicking submit)
- using jQuery / AJAX this helps to prevent the page from reloading (correct?)
- dropdown choice is "remembered" because it uses the session to compare and "selects" it.
- Also able to echo / print the session on the same page.

I'm going to be using this simple example in multiple steps of an ordering form which uses check boxes, radios, input boxes, and dropdown menu.

If anyone knows of a simple example using a dropdown box, that would get me started.

The attempts I had before would only set a session using the first or last of the dropdown list instead of the one chosen.

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