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#661853 How do you look like?

Posted by UniBrain on 22 July 2013 - 09:46 AM

I have god-like/humanoid like looks, is it because I trimmed recently?


Now rocking that bald hair style :)





sci-fi humanoid:





Probably it has to do with looks,  but anything I code looks god-like/futuristic:




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#629484 Distributing Your Java Project Via Jar Files

Posted by UniBrain on 09 May 2012 - 11:38 PM

Now, As it stands, It seems to be pain in the arse to properly distribute your java jar project.

Now, although I only used BlueJ, I attempted to use netbeans to create a running jar executable,

However this didn't work.

Follow these instructions:

1.CREATE YOUR JAR FILE via blueJ or netbeans. DO NOT USE COMMAND PROMPT. As your project gets more complexed, Using cmd's various java invocations may fail to produce an APPROPIATE MANIFEST file, which has information regarding the main class of your project.

In blueJ, you when you create jar file, you don't have to include source or project files. Just select the class with "public static void main" in it.

2.CREATE A BATCH FILE TO RUN THAT JAR FILE. I know it sounds retarded to create a batch file to run your jar file, but it seems it is better to let java handle your application launching.


1.Open notepad or any other text editor.

2.In text file, write this: java -jar myJarFile.jar

3.Save as a .bat file in the same directory.

3.If you have folders or other resources you used to run your project, PLEASE ENSURE that the jar file

and bat file is in the directory of those folders/resources. You do not have to include any source files from that project directory.

4.Next use a batch converter to give users more familiar executable format. In other words users probably prefer o use and run an exe rather than a batch file.


SEND ME AN EMAIL IF THEY DELETED THE ABOVE LINK. I will personnaly send you the copy i have. - JordanMicahBennett @ gmail (dot) com.

5. You can actually test to see if the jar files are running before all the steps above.

You just need to navigate to your project directory, and tell windows where you have jdk or jre.

In you project directory, do this:

path c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_01\bin; %path%


path c:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin; %path%

Of course this applies to me, because that is where I have jdk7 and jre installed.

Use any one of those. THEY BOTH WORK!!!!!!!

Next, invoke java to run your jar file. Again i state, if you use folders or images, make sure the jar file is in that same directory.

Now, do this:

java -jar myJarFile.jar

in that same project directory where your jar file is located.

You should see your jar file run nicely with all things included!!!!

Now you need to consider that not all users will have java runtime installed to their systems. You need to direct them to an appropriate link to attain this file. You can direct them here:


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