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In Topic: Serptrends Seo Addon Launch

20 May 2013 - 04:32 AM

New addon version for firefox is released! SERPTrends has extended functionality now. You can watch site SEO parameters directly in google, bing and yahoo SERP and advertisements along with its dynamics. Also the updated SERPTrends addon is now customizeable: you can choose whether or not to view dynamics and SEO parameters, and choose wich parameters to view in a drop-down box.
You can download SERPTrends 0.6.11 directly from our website: http://www.serptrends.com/
We're also waiting for approval at https://addons.mozil...-seo-extension/ so your installed add-on will be updated soon.
Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated!

In Topic: Serptrends Seo Addon Launch

30 October 2012 - 01:46 PM


SERPTrends Team has launched SEMCompete - an online keyword & competitor research tool.Official site: http://semcompete.com/ With SEMCompete account you can get the following data:
• All competitor's adwords keywords and texts
• Organic keywords driving traffic to competitor's site
• Competitor's adwords budget, organic traffic and more
• Keyword profitability
• Related keywords to expand your research area

Every month or two we perform search queries for a set of 32 500 000 keywords to Google, then index and store search results in our database. Some of our stats: 25 000 000 US and 7 500 000 RU keywords are monitored across over 16 000 000 US domains and over 2 000 000 RU domains.

We need your help in testing our new tool. You can use the test Pro account that will be available for 1 month: semcompete_test / semcompete
If you want to use your own account for testing, just sign up for Free account and write us through the feedback form located at the top right corner - we'll give you 1 month free access to all Pro account features. No credit card or any additional information needed, just your e-mail.

In Topic: Serptrends Seo Addon Launch

27 September 2012 - 04:26 AM

SERPTrends is now available for both Chrome and Firefox.
I've have launched a SERPTrends extension for Chrome. You can install extension from Chrome webstore, there's a link on our site: http://www.serptrends.com/
Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated!

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