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#631914 About Programming

Posted by Nukede on 17 June 2012 - 12:49 PM

Wow, thx, amusingly, but i don't have problems with understand C(!) now. I clearly understand what does it mean, for example:
for(i=0;I<10; ++i)
//smthing else
but i have srsly problems with tehnical part, for example, how variable saves in RAM, how, for example, works keyboard(means how simbols translate on desctop), how works printf() . I try to google it, ask other persons, but google can't help me, and our russian community can't explain how it works :D. Well, i think, i asked wrong people about this. And i afraid to study next, srsly. I think, if i don't understand it now, in future i will have a greate problems.

Black Rabbit, well, maybe i don't have an ideas what for i will works?
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