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What is your political stance/party?

06 October 2014 - 02:48 PM

Being 17, growing up in dire poverty, I support the working class / the little man. None of my parents went to college, and financially got screwed over because of greedy banks. I myself, am a Liberal Socialist. I'm not a straight up communist or a socialist, but I do have certain beliefs that are only shared in those parties. However, I don't think the party itself would be a good ruling party as history as proved itself many times before that Far Left/Far Right parties just don't work out because the ruler(s) don't take the party seriously. Yes, including famous left wingers such as Stalin who was just too "radical" and "self-sustaining" as a leader. I share some right ideology also. But not much. I hate how being anything more left than a democrat nowadays is looked down upon. I blame the red scare in the 50's with the anti-russian/soviet propaganda. It's hard teaching family and friends what true liberal socialism is. I've read the communist manifesto (didn't agree with alot of it but understood the points Marx was trying to make). Again, I'm not far left. I'm proud to be an American and I believe democracy is an step away from a true and strong political party.


At first, I was totally in for Capitalism, but as time went by, so did my parents bank account. I think if we were not in our current situation, I would honestly have a totally different opinon with my standing on this. My parents worked their entire life, and have nothing to show for it. I hope this is different as I get older.

I feel as if I'm over-interested in politics at my age, is having my ideology this young of an age a bad thing?

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