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In Topic: American Military

22 October 2014 - 05:12 PM

This is for the US military veterans or involved in US military, or anyone who knows! I MAYBE going into the Navy. I was considering it. I took a quick, short, practice ASVAB. I got a 48. I was good,(to be accepted to the Navy) could get in. My question is: does the higher score give me a greater chance of doing the job I want? I am going to take an actual one in November. Let's say I get a 52, which is estimated since the practice one is apparently a tad bit harder. I just want to know if I should put a lot of effort into it, even if I am "considering" it, I want to make sure I do my best. Or does it not matter? Whatever job you get is whatever the military thinks you're best suited for?  

Your ASVAB score determines the probability that you will get what you want. If you get a 100, you practically can get any MOS. The recruiters job is to get you to sign to something in high demand. If you tell him straight up that you qualify for this role and you want it. You should have no problem getting the occupation you want. The higher the ASVAB score is, the higher priority you are. Primarily, as long as you pass the requirement for the MOS YOU WANT TO DO. You should be okay.

Don't slack the ASVAB. If you have a chance to re-take it, do it. Won't hurt, you can only get higher :)


- from a 17 year old. 

In Topic: What is your political stance/party?

07 October 2014 - 10:56 AM

I'm politically libertarian, but usually vote Republican in primaries to try to get Tea Party candidates elected.


Most of my beliefs come from two major sources: first, I'm a 41 year old mathematician with a basic understanding of economics. Most attempts to regulate various aspects of the economy have been ineffective at best, and backfired at worst. Locally, politicians are regulating use of cell phones "except when used as a hands-free device", as if 90% of cell phones weren't already hands-free. Nationally, we see ACA/Obamacare turning into a disaster as people who use the website to register make themselves vulnerable to identity thieves, insurance prices skyrocket, and the government puts in delay after delay because they just couldn't make things work on time. These, and many others I could name, are easily explained with economics. Supply and demand, consumer self-interest, and many other simple economic concepts explain the failures and actually make them predictable.


One of the mistakes many people make is believing that we are still a capitalist society. We aren't businesses are HEAVILY regulated, from licensing fees, to taxes, to now ACA. I have a friend who owns a small pizza chain. She has three stores, and will probably never expand it to avoid hitting that magical 50 employees that would require her to buy them insurance. She could probably have the next Papa John's pizza, but she's being forced to remain small because her business can't take that kind of hit. I have another friend who works for the permits department of the city. She went to a newly opened restaurant and had to report them for having a ton of small pennant flags outside for their grand opening. They hadn't gotten a permit for them. Heck, at 12, you can't have a lemonade stand in your front yard without getting a permit. It's completely insane.


Second, I have far more faith in people's ability to solve problems than the government. My office is on property that is managed by a 3rd party company. They recently resurfaced our parking lots (I'm in an office complex), even though they weren't bad yet. By contrast, my local county government can't get a pothole to stay patched for 3 weeks. Now they want to raise gas taxes, despite the fact they've been wasting money on bike trails and other nonsense.


Personally, I think our country would be far better off if 90% of the laws on the books were wiped out. You probably broke enough laws between waking up and reading this to get you in jail for a year, without knowing it. Think about how scary that really is.

I agree, if our government will stop trying to regulate everything and start letting the people decide "where the 12 year old would want to put a lemonade stand" then America would be such a greater place to live.

In Topic: What computer games do programmers play? If any? :D

24 June 2014 - 09:52 AM

I was the same. Then I started playing, and seeing some of the things that can be done with redstone, etc. I play MineCraft like a programmer, building contraptions and gadgets for my amusement. None of my stuff looks pretty, though :)

Have you ever tried Garry's Mod? There's alot of interesting addons which you can download include one that adds a Arduino type functionality where you need to program an object in C++ to have the object do something.


I've been a Battlefield person for a number of years.  Unfortunately, as with most games, they are more concerned with graphics than the gameplay itself.  The gameplay in Battlefield 2 blew away the gameplay in BF3 and BF4.  If they simply kept the gameplay of BF2 and updated the graphics, most people will be happier than they are with the current iteration.

I still play Battlefield 2 for Project Reality :)

In Topic: What computer games do programmers play? If any? :D

23 June 2014 - 05:19 PM


Yes, I know the A10 Tank Killer...one of my favorite military aircraft!


And, that is a very nice joystick and throttle! But that price tag...that is the only reason I become the keyboard/mouse control expert -- I keep finding other things to spend my money on first lol.


Yea, that joystick was effeminately not the cheapest alternative to a keyboard/mouse setup (Actually, I think it's the most expensive lol) and I'm not going to say it was worth the price, but at least I don't have to worry about replacing it...forever. lol


Most games are simply not worth the $40-$50 price tag that comes with them to me. These days, I play MineCraft about 90% of my gaming time, and am totally happy with it.

I really only have a select four or five games I play. And i'm normally pretty frugal about buying them. I tried Minecraft and was not a real big fan of it. I thought it was just a hyped up game that was only popular because little kids were able to run it on their windows 95 desktops.


Before I took a -> in the knee, I used to be a programmer.  I played a lot of Skyrim.

I would have played skyrim alot if it wouldnt have crashed everytime you added mods.

In Topic: What computer games do programmers play? If any? :D

23 June 2014 - 10:10 AM

Minecraft, OpenArena, Xonotic, and Simon Tatham's puzzle collection are my main ones. It's very rare that I'll pay for a game, these days.

Why is that? Not enough time or it just doesn't interest you?

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