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papabear's Blog > Today is my birthday :)

Posted 08 October 2012

I'm not so sure of posting this thing.. but since this is a blog, I know I can post some personal stuff here.
I'm being stuck in life.. lot of problems struck my family and I, I wanted to go online often but I can't because of that.. again it's another busy day, I just got home from school and tomorrow is our final quiz in Theory of...

papabear's Blog > Things That Will Make You A Good Codecall Citizen :)

Posted 27 April 2012

Hello everyone I'm here again posting a random stuff on my blog and I hope I didn't annoy you or anyone just by posting in the blog section :)
There have been alot of newbies registering and visiting codecall recently and I have seen that some of them are very active.. I would like to give those active newbies a big round of applause :). In this...

papabear's Blog > Listening To Music While Programming/working

Posted 17 April 2012

Music is a magical words with tune and melody that sometimes can lift our emotions or release our stress in our works.
I love listening to musics as well as singing, it was became me hobby because there are some songs that I feel the song is for me? Something like that. As we all know that programming is an easy job because of the syntax and logic,...

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