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In Topic: Process And Fix Xml String

14 April 2012 - 07:25 AM

As I understand, they would only do proper XML files. I'm most used to SimpleXML and I like it very much.

Okay. Thanks for your time, Orjan. I'll look into both of them and see if I can manage to solve the problem.

In Topic: Process And Fix Xml String

14 April 2012 - 07:10 AM

How do you create your XML? Do you use a XML DOM object or do you do it "manually"? PHP has some nice features in both SimpleXML (http://se.php.net/ma...k.simplexml.php) and the DOM (http://se.php.net/ma...en/book.dom.php) extention, which I guess could simplify a lot for you?

I'm doing it "manually". I had come across those pages in the past but it didn't help then because my PHP knowledge is.... inferior. If you could kindly clarify my doubts, I'll go in that way.

I have two simple questions:
1) Would using simplexml/dom extension handle dangerous urls?
2) If yes, among simplexml and dom extension which do you recommend?

In case you have the time to share some tips or pointers on this, I would be grateful.

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