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Let Us Imagine Interesting Data Containers

22 May 2012 - 09:12 AM

[warning: bad english area]
Hi. Almost everyone knows many c++ data containers: simple array, vector, linked list, associative array e.t.c. But can you imagine some useful non-standard (simple or sophisticated) data containers that not exist for now? I can't. It will be great brain training to implement something interesting...

ExTab - library for spreadsheet calculations

08 March 2012 - 05:09 AM

Hello, everybody :)

This is my 1st post on forum. First of all - please sorry for my english.

So, I currently making a programming library for performing spreadsheet-like calculations. My library is... is a library :), DLL file written on C++ via MS Visual C++ 2010. As DLL, it is suitable for various programming languages (tested with python 2.7 and of course c++). Also I have a plan to make COM-object (I can do it, it's just question of a time). Here is a real sample code of how my library can be used:
from ExTab import ExTab

extab = ExTab()
PRIMARY_TABLE = extab.CreateTable()
extab.SetValue(5,5, 1000) #integer
extab.SetValue(5,6, 200.0) #float
extab.SetValue(5,7, u'Hello extab') #unicode string
extab.SetValue(6,7, u'!')
extab.SetValue(5,8, True) # boolean
print extab.GetValue(5,5)
print extab.GetValue(5,6)
print extab.GetValue(5,7)
print extab.GetValue(5,8)
print extab.GetValue(5,8)
extab.SetFormula(7,7, u'concat(g5;g6;"\nDream comes ";2=2)')
print extab.GetValue(7,7) # output: Hello extab! %new_line% Dream comes true
print extab.GetValue(7,8) # output is the same string

Current status of project - deep beta, possible - alpha... Library can perform math calculations and only three formulas: if, summ and concat. I will add more formulas later.

So, my question is: Did anybody interested in such library?

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