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Constructing a chemistry calculator. Need help !

26 February 2012 - 02:15 AM

hi guys i am a rookie programmer. I am constructing Arrhenius equation calculator using Microsoft visual C++. The programming language I am currently using is C (Not C++). When i debug the program, 2 error were found. First one says that "Get_input": function does not take 3 argument. The second one sound like "Intellisense : too few argument in function call". Basically i dont know whats the prob and how to solve it.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <ctype.h>
/* global function that you can use to avoid copy/pasted code */
void get_input(double *frequency_factor, double *rate_constant, double *activation_energy, double *temperature )
	printf("Please key in frequency_factor");
    printf("Please key in rate constant");
    scanf("%lf", rate_constant);
    printf("Please key in actvation_energy");
    scanf("%lf", activation_energy);
    printf("Please key in temperature");
    scanf("%lf", temperature);
int main (void)
    char letter, tmp;
    double rate_constant, frequency_factor, activation_energy, temperature;
    puts("This is an Arrhenius Equation calculator\n"
           "R=8.314*10^-3 kJ/mol*k\n"
    puts("what do you want to find?\n\n"
    /* new call here, just for organization's sake. */
    tmp = getchar(); 
    letter = toupper(tmp); 
    if (letter=='A') {  
        get_input(&rate_constant, &activation_energy, &temperature);
        printf("the frequency_factor calculated is %.3f,\n",frequency_factor);
	else if (letter=='B') {
		get_input(&frequency_factor, &activation_energy, &temperature);
		printf("the rate_constant calculated is %.3f,\n",rate_constant);
	else if (letter=='C') {
		get_input(&frequency_factor, &rate_constant, &temperature);
		printf("the activation_energy calculated is %.3f,\n",activation_energy);
	else if (letter=='D') {
		get_input(&frequency_factor, &rate_constant, &activation_energy);
		printf("the temperature calculated is %.3f,\n",temperature);
		printf("You entered the wrong input. Please key in alphabet from A to D only. Thank you !");

Can anyone teach me how to complete this calculator please. @_@

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