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Beginner Ruby Challenges

30 January 2012 - 03:57 AM

I've been teaching myself Ruby for less than a week at the moment. I've been going back and forth between a few tutorials; some go really slow, some go too fast (assuming I've learnt coding before) and some go way to bizarre (Why's Poignant Guide). I feel like I need to give myself some direction with this.

I've self-taught myself enough HTML and CSS with the tiniest bit of JavaScript picked up from CodeCademy. I really want to learn a full language so I chose Ruby.

What's some good challenges for myself to figure out? Could anyone recommend some ideas that are good for beginners (ie. make a clock?).


I know how to loop a puts command, but how would I have it do it slowly (ie. once a second) and how would I be able to set a key to break the loop?

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