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WuniX V0.1

05 January 2012 - 06:23 AM


Most long-time *nix users accomodate easily when they have to use Windows, but sometimes Windows is
just a pain when it comes to commands. That's why I wrote a simple perl script that incorporates file management
and telnet services into a simple shell-like interface. It still has some bugs and inconvinences, but, at V0.1 is
relatively good..

The program runs only on Windows, and ActivePerl is necessary for it to run. Most perl programmers have it already, and
it's free to download, so I hope that's not a problem.

The main concept behind this program is translating commands, then applying them using the system() command.
The following commands work with it :
  • cd
  • cat
  • rm
  • ls
  • pico
  • mkdir
  • pwd
  • telnet
  • ./ (for running programs)
  • exit

NOTE : You must provide the FULL path to the file you want to access/modify
NOTE 2 : The program is still in V0.1, so please, don't treat it like a real fully-functional program. I've uploaded
it from now just to get reviews on my WIP (Work in Progress), and the real functionality will be only at V1.
Download :


Hello everyone!

05 January 2012 - 05:29 AM

I'm Vlad, and I guess I'm the newest member around here. I've been a programmer for a lot of years, and I thought that maybe I could give a hand around here. I've started programming with C/C++, but I tried to learn all the major programming languages and so far I know C/C++, perl, HTML/XHTML, PHP, SQL, C#, AutoIt, Batch, CSS, ActionScript, Java, Javascript and Python, but I'm still trying to find a good resource to learn LISP.

I hope I'll be a good addition to the forum!

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