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GUI Programming?

19 December 2011 - 01:40 AM

Hello everyone!

I was just wondering, how would you do some basic GUI programming in C++,

There's QT, GTK+, wxWindows which I've read about but I'm not really sure which one is best (for windows)
also, I'm used to an IDE like Visual Studio 2010 for C#, isn't there something like that for C++?

That was about it!

- JillesCode


14 December 2011 - 03:53 AM

Hey guys,

My name is Jilles, and I am a 17 year old programmer from The Netherlands, I'll start of by explaining why
I've made a codecall account, it's because I have no friends with any computer/programming interests, they just play games..

When I was 10 I started with HTML, because at that time I had no friends at all:crying:, and really enjoyed creating things on my computer,
as I got older I found out about IRC (12 year old I suppose), and those guys told my to read about CSS, so I did, and started making
decent looking web sites, when I was 15 I found out about Photoshop and really got into Javascript, jQuery, PHP and a bit MySQL, I wouldn't considder myself 'good' in PHP & SQL, but more average.

So that was kinda my biography I guess:P, but the real reason I signed up to this forum is to meet other programmers from all over the world, to share our interests, because I'm learning C++ at the moment, (using this book) and I really hope that one day, I can make programms which are helpfull to others.

That was about it:thumbup:

- Jilles

PS: I have a Blackberry, I know its not the best phone ever but I like Blackberry Messenger, and I'd like some programmers in my list, to get/give help sometimes or just have a conversation sometimes:) 2765100A

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