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The Alcamech > Arduino Project 04

Posted 07 August 2013

Here it is ! Arduino project 04 , titled "Color Mixing LAMP". By using a tri-color LED and three photo-resistors I created a LED that smoothly changes colors depending on external lighting conditions.

The components of this project included:


220 ohm resistor (3)

10 kilohm resistor(3)


GEL color filter(3, RGB)


The Alcamech > Arduino Project 02

Posted 06 August 2013

Well a few days ago, I managed to complete the Arduino project 02 titled "Spaceship interface". This project involved 4 components; a switch, led, 220 ohm resistor, and a 10 kilohm resistor . after wiring up the breadboard and building the circuit I got to (finally) program the arduino xD. Here are the results:

This time its a video  :thumbup:

*** I've...

The Alcamech > Arduino Project 01

Posted 03 August 2013

Well this morning I started on the Arduino Project Book and tackled project 01 and 02. Although I'm only doing to discuss about 01 today . The 01 project contained no programming , just circuitry . It was basically a introduction titled " Get To Know Your Tools" in which I made a simple circuit with some switches, LEDs, and a resistor.


LED -...

The Alcamech > What I've been waiting for...

Posted 02 August 2013

As I was stocking product on a shelf at work I felt my phone begin to vibrate in my pocket. I quickly glance at the text, and its the alert from UPS telling me my Arduino Starter Kit arrived ( yay ! ). As I get home around 11ish I jump out the van, grab the package, and head inside to see the greatness that lies within the box O.o


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