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In Topic: where is everybody

16 May 2016 - 05:52 AM

That's because before it was once a thriving forum with great people, who genuinely liked helping beginning programmers over any hurdles they would encounter along their path.


Over the years people have come and gone.  But the base of knowledgeable people, willing to share their expertise remained intact.


One of the MANY reasons that these people stopped coming was an increasing number of new "programmers" who had no interest in learning anything.  They just wanted the answers, and because belligerent when we explained that we don't hand out answers, but we do give guidance on how to solve your issue.  Being able to figure out problems on your own is a vital skill that will stay with you, far beyond the programming realm.


There are only so many times that you can take the time to help someone, and have them essentially slap you in the face for your efforts.  Veteran programmers have better things to do with their time than to deal with ungrateful people.  I wrote many blog postings here on this subject, since taken down as I began to distance myself from this forum.  One of these postings was about how, as a consultant, we get paid very well for our expertise.   To share our expertise, and to have some clown try to belittle us for not hand feeding him is a complete waste of time, and something we do not need.


That started with a very small amount of beginner programmers, but soon became the norm.  That was the main reason I began to pull away from this forum.   


Another, the death knell, was the change of ownership.  It takes an extreme amount of effort to maintain order on a forum like this.  It's almost a full time job, and the previous establishment was fantastic at it.  When they moved on, the new owner was unable to put in the same amount of effort.  Thus, the spam overran the place.  That's when the bulk left.


Although unfortunate, it seems like this once thriving forum is now just a handful of people, and those rankings you spoke of are on a steep decline.

In Topic: where is everybody

12 April 2016 - 09:09 AM


In Topic: why does it take so long to get a response to a question asked

24 February 2016 - 07:34 AM

This pretty much describes this board now:



In Topic: why does it take so long to get a response to a question asked

29 November 2015 - 11:58 AM

Because, like myself, many others have stopped coming here on a daily basis.  Since the transfer of power, it simply hasn't been the same.


For quite a while, this place was a wonderful place for programmers to help others.  It was moderated well, and it was a pleasure to help other programmers in need.


Instead of just hand feeding people they answers, we would give many hints on what was wrong, where to look in the code, etc.  This made them better programmers, 


But then came the incessant spam, followed by belligerent people that just wanted the answer and had no interest in figuring things out themselves, and learning a really useful skill...DEBUGGING.



I have taken all but 2 of my blog postings off this site, and left the 2 that pertained to the belligerent people that joined en mass.




It is truly unfortunate.  This place was once a great place to talk and teach programming.

In Topic: I give up.

27 October 2015 - 07:33 AM

WP, it is truly sad, but I concur.  I just never thought about making it official.


It's the nature of coding sites.  People come and people go.  Unfortunately, it seems like the last regime change was the death knell.   I guess most people don't understand the amount of commitment needed to keep a site like this alive.  It's like a second job.  Moderators are like Offensive Lineman in (American) Football: You don't appreciate them until something happens for you to miss them.


Since joining, I have met a lot of programmers (including beginner programmers) that are genuinely appreciative of your time and knowledge.  Those beginner programmers also appreciate the fact that we don't hand feed them the answer, but help them discover the answer for themselves, which helps to solidify the answer in their head as well as boost their confidence in their ability to figure problems out.


The thing that makes it "worth it", is those private messages thanking you for your help on a problem, and hearing that they got their degree.  I wish those people the best in life.  I'm sure they will be successful.


Unfortunately, there have been a bunch of belligerent beginner "programmers" that do not appreciate anything.  They "expect" the answer being given to them.  They don't appreciate that they are getting help from a working professional consultant that would cost them close to $200/hr in the private sector.    In my (no so) humble opinion, They don't have the drive necessary to be a real programmer, and should either change their attitude, or change their focus on a profession..  


I still check the board every other day or so.  But it has become less and less frequent.  So, I won't be giving my goodbye posting yet.  Mainly because nobody except a handful of us would ever see it :)  I don't know when I will simply delete the link to this site and it will be nothing more than a fond memory, but that day is coming soon.

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