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lespauled's Blog > Maybe time to step away - Teach a man to fish

Posted 01 August 2013

I think the time has come for me to start stepping away from codecall.  Although I truly enjoy helping people that put in the effort to help themselves, that paradigm has seemed to be lost in the younger developers of the forum.

When I first started here it was an absolute pleasure to help people that put in the time and effort to fix the problem themse...

lespauled's Blog > What is happening to younger developers?

Posted 22 May 2013

I was on the fence about just appending this to my interview blog entry, but I decided to write this as it's own entry.

To put ti bluntly, I am losing faith in our profession.  It has become filled with people that talk a good game, but can't back it up when questioned during the technical interview.

We have 2 open requirements and have been going throu...

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