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Network for building

01 October 2015 - 04:41 AM


At work, we are building our new office from the ground!

Of course, the computer department is only a small office in that building, but the whole building will be something pretty large on 4 level.

We will have 41 wireless access points, about 100 network plugs, at any time, there will be at least 60-70 person on the network, maybe 10 to 20 server (small server) running for differents tasks, for starting 2 nas for data sharing, and we would like to use remote control on many of theses computer to work on them.


So with that in mind, they ask me if I had any idea on what we will need for a router / switch to manage all that.

I know a little about network, but not enough to make the best decisions.


Do you have experience with that kind of setup?

Any product that worked well in the past?


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