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Poetry in the Code > TI ASM Part 3: Calling Convention

Posted 27 May 2014

As part of my series on learning assembly for my old 80’s era computer, I’ve been developing a call stack, since the hardware doesn’t have one built-in. Today, we’re going to talk about what a calling convention is, and design one for the TI-99/4A.

Typically, a compiler targeting a particular architecture will have a calling convention defined, that is,...

Poetry in the Code > TI ASM Battle, Part 2: Stacks On Deck

Posted 23 May 2014

For whatever reason, I cannot fathom, I have the inescapable desire to try and learn how to program in Assembly Language on my old 80’s era TI-99/4A computer.

Why would I subject myself to this? Perhaps I’m a **. I dunno. But I love this little ancient computer, and so I can’t help but try and bring a tiny bit of the modern world into its life.

But that...

Poetry in the Code > TI ASM Battles: What?! No stack?!

Posted 24 February 2013

Just spent the last two days battling my old TI computer's assembler. I've been attempting to write a simple program that would print some memory addresses on the screen so I could probe around in the little guy's mind. But for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why my relatively simple code was crashing the system.Until it hit me.There is no stack.Wha...

Poetry in the Code > Back to my roots: Hello TI!

Posted 13 February 2013

As many may know already, I got started in computing when I was a kid with the TI-99/4A home computer. ("Home computer" being a term for anything that wasn't  a PC.) In order to "find my roots", so to speak, I've recently taken it upon myself to learn Assembly programming on this thing, seeing as though I missed out on this opportunity when I was younger....

Poetry in the Code > Has quality gone out the window?

Posted 03 January 2012

My assistant has been on the phone all morning, trying to get through to the state's Medicaid technical support staff, only to be greeted with a busy signal every time.

We arrived here after a long day yesterday, in which we discovered the state had pushed out an update to their Medicaid billing software over the weekend. Yes, over the Dec. 30-Jan. 1...

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