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#638832 VisualStudio 2012 Documentation

Posted by wizarddrummer on 15 September 2012 - 09:56 AM

Waste of time. In my 30+ years dealing with Microcheese, they almost NEVER listen to petitions, or anything else. They are so arrogant, that they just do whatever they want to do, whilst giving lip service with things like "What this article helpful?", "How can we improve..."

To this day, they still create tedious products that are, in some cases, hideously designed and when you look under the hood not much has canged. Just more bloat and more glitz and glitter.

I had the misfortune of helping a friend with Windows 7 the other day.
Whew! What a pile of **! She had bought a used computer that had about 100 GB of files.

So, I selected the folder they were in and did the Shift-Del command. Pressed OK and walked away. And two hours later when we came back the stupid piece of $hit was telling me that there was some system file. ... Even in their new flag ship (I don't count windows 8 for nothing) OS you still can't issue commands unattended.

Plus, while doing all of the work, there were endless "This operation needs System Administrator approval" or some such drivel. I could train a dog or a chimp, with treats, to press the mouse when it sees that message. So much for System Administration Security.

Gates, the hack never understood the CONCEPT of what a System Administator really is.
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