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Wordpress Problem

06 June 2018 - 04:59 AM

Hello, I am trying to create a photography blog with an e-shop in wordpress.


I create 5 subpages, with one of them to be a portfolio.


In the portfolio page I created 4 sub-categories, folders in which I uploaded some testing images.


In the control panel, in the portfolio category the folders and the photographies are being appeared, but when I pubish the page and visit the site, nothing appears not even the galleries, or the pictures or anything.


Until yesterady night everything was working fine. Today just didn't appear anything.. Every photos, folders, created just dissapeared..


I disable and uninstall some extra plugins, to see if this was the fault, but nothing working.


Does anyone has any ideas ???


Is there any problem - issue with the wordpress platform ??



Thanks in advance.

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