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rhossis' Blog > PHP Based Job Scheduler

Posted 16 September 2014

The job scheduler is coming up, but still hampered by performance issues. However, majority of the functionality is working and should be put to use with some simple tasks this week. The objective is not to replace the crontab, because we must have at least one task running on cron every minute, that is the job scheduler itself. The actual scheduled tasks...

rhossis' Blog > PHP Based Job Scheduler

Posted 09 July 2014

The requirement could not have been any clear "I want a native PHP application that does something similar to Obsidian Job Scheduler" (Guess you're not signing my leave form boss?). This was a new and direct requirement we got earlier this year. Scheduled jobs in PHP were being performed via cronjobs which perform http calls. No problem here, unless you w...

rhossis' Blog > PHPExcel Wrapper - Refactored

Posted 21 April 2014

Hello guys, I hope you all had a great Easter :) I would like to apologize for the long time in making ammends to the PHPExcelWrapper, which in the last tutorial, had some deployment issues. There were a number of issues with the original article...you had to manipulate files from a specific directory, which was hardcoded onto the classes, which is not ve...

rhossis' Blog > A PHPExcel Wrapper

Posted 03 August 2013

Excel is widely used application in businesses. It is popular because it offers a wide array of functions, data analysis tools like pivot tables, charts. Excel is pretty powerful and is used in diverse scenarios, from calculating daily sales in your mom and pop store to crunching complex formulas in large institutions like investment banks.

Regardless of...

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