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DarkLordofthePenguins's Blog > Black hat hacking

Posted 05 November 2015

I'm taking a couple of computer security related courses on Coursera . For those of you who are not familiar with Coursera, it's an online program that offers classes that anyone can take for free. The classes consist of video lectures along with quizzes and problems sets and sometimes supplementary reading material.

Currently I am taking a course in cry...

DarkLordofthePenguins's Blog > Essential skills for computer nerds

Posted 11 September 2015

This is something I did just for fun in my inordinate free time. I compiled a list of essential skills that are valuable for computer geeks and that every computer geek should at least try to learn how to do. This is meant as a "just for fun" thing where you can add up how many skills you know to see how good you are, as well as a helpful list of skills...

DarkLordofthePenguins's Blog > Adventures in VirtualBox

Posted 22 July 2015

I've been doing a lot with computers lately - not a lot of programming really, but a lot of messing around with my computer, as well as learning new stuff. I'm going on a sort of intellectual adventure, a learning spree, a period of intense hyperfocus on technical stuff.

One of the first things I did was I learned how to use VirtualBox, and how to use it...

DarkLordofthePenguins's Blog > My new hacker toy

Posted 04 March 2015

I have an interest in old computer stuff, not just obsolete computers, but also ancient programming languages, deprecated networking technologies, antiquated operating systems, terminals and other peripherals, and computer manuals. My interest in old computers, as well as in computing in general, goes way back to my childhood in the 90s, when I was watch...

DarkLordofthePenguins's Blog > New project: implementing a simple language

Posted 05 December 2014

I have now started on my first large-scale programming project since the good old days of 2011. I'm writing an interpreter for Boolean straight line programs. Straight line programs are a model of computation equivalent to finite automata and Boolean logic circuits. A straight line program is basically a simple program that has no flow control. Every inst...

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