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Roger's Blog > Going to my first hackathon next weekend

Posted 19 January 2013

At work, we have been trying to setup a hackathon so that our developers can sharpen their skills and output more prototypes. However, its been like pulling teeth just to get any response from management. Finally, management just said that they don't think any of the developers would be willing to work 12-24 hours straight just for fun.

Are they...

Roger's Blog > Print Files from any Mobile Phone using Dropbox

Posted 09 January 2013

Over the weekend, I found this post while looking for a quick and easy way to print from my Android phone to my MFP connected to my (old) desktop. Since I already use Dropbox, this is a pretty simple way to print a file. Just run the...

Roger's Blog > The Two Types of Programmers

Posted 17 September 2012

I was doing some research for articles that might be of interest to our new friends on Facebook. (If you don't know about this, we relaunched the FB page in August and are now up to 49 members. I can see the potential of sharing lots of interesting topics on FB, so I hope you can join us for the...

Roger's Blog > Added Members Online Today

Posted 21 August 2012

Added a neat member online  hook from IPB board . You can find this at the bottom of the Forum index page. Great job, Michael .

Roger's Blog > From: Become a fan of CODECALL on Facebook (again)!

Posted 21 August 2012

Wondering which one gets more views? My blog or the CODECALL news section..?

I just setup a...

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