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Stickies - Think You Got What It Takes?

16 October 2014 - 01:28 AM

A Call for more than Code:


When sections of CodeCall reach popularity, we have often written a FAQ (a short guide of frequently asked questions) or resource thread on how to get started with a specific language, and what tools are out there as a central resource. These do not only show new users what options are available to them, but as well to reduce the number of elementary questions new users ask.



The Tutorials, FAQ, and Search are our users' most powerful tools, behind our community.



My humble task for CodeCall:

Can we make some more awesome stickies?


Here are a few to serve as examples as to what we are looking for:





Assembly: [RESOURCES]


These could be in the form of...

  • Basic outlines for a new FAQ

Many of our scripting languages do not have a FAQ currently, including the popular language of Java. If a user is learning a new scripting language, these resources may be the most enabling part of their learning process and they can save the forums for more important or advanced questions that our community excels at.

  • Common knowledge you believe could benefit an existing sticky.

This includes improving upon the lacking essentials in the FAQs for Python and C#, as they are rudimentary. You may of course list a few items in this thread for me to push in to a new or existing sticky once there is enough. News items about the current language (i.e. when the next revision is coming out) could be a valuable piece of information for the user. I have tried to briefly touch on this in the C/C++ FAQ, and you may improve on this here for me to update.

  • A new link or two (or 20!) for programming resources

- such as common compiler, IDEs, debuggers, our own essential "getting started" tutorials (write one even!), which can always be added to a current or non-existing list of resources. Even informing us of a broken link and finding an updated one will benefit our community and be appreciated.



A few guidelines must be met:

  • Outlines and items must be unique, preferably to be useful to CodeCall users over other basic FAQs online, allowing us to have a central resource to learning not only limited to tutorials or mentoring.
  • They must be simple to follow, consistent, concise, and as applicable as possible to the current forum's needs. Try to investigate some key points that could benefit being explained in the FAQ.
  • You will be given credit for your contributions where due, however, even though all suggestions and items will be read they may not be suitable for CodeCall. I will edit where necessary for them to remain concise and consistent among our resources.


You may post in this thread, or contact me (the coordinator of this activity) by private message, to add or discuss any of the above items.


Feel free to post freely, preferably keeping this thread to additions and ideas pertaining to the above items.



CodeCall Staff. 

MS DOS / MS Word Source Codes Released

26 March 2014 - 02:17 AM

Some random nightly news, MS Word for Windows 1.1, and DOS 1.1/2.0 specifically.
A snippet from the Computer History Museum website:

“MS-DOS and Word for Windows built the foundation for Microsoft’s success in the technology industry,” said Roy Levin, distinguished engineer and managing director, Microsoft Research. “By contributing these source codes to the Computer History Museum archives, Microsoft is making these historic systems from the early era of personal computing available to the community for historical and technical scholarship.”

I found these sources interesting to look through during a cup of coffee, you can spot the odd cussing code comment, and really see what coding was like back then when WYSIWYG word processors changed the world.
To download the sources, you may select which one you desire on the page and you will find an agreement and download link. 

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