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#635959 Pointing domain to FTP Hosting without changing nameservers

Posted by rakz on 14 August 2012 - 06:26 AM

I have a domain registered at godaddy [www.example.com]. And i have a free hosting at http://www.binhoster.com

I want to point my domain to Binhoster's FTP server where my pages are hosted.

I googled this and I was instructed to change my nameservers of godaddy to Binhoster's nameserver, then add the FTP IP in the A-Record.

But I, without changing the nameservers, Added the A-Record to point to Binhoster's and added a custom domain at Binhoster's [www.example.com to point to public_html] and its working. I'm currently using my original nameserver. Then why is it instructed to change nameservers everywhere. Is it mandatory ??
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