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In Topic: Has adblock gone completely crazy or stupid..?

05 September 2013 - 11:20 AM

Ironically, the harder people try to eliminate ads from browsing, the more intrusive the ads get as a result. The only possible outcome is paywalls everywhere, which in turn will damage a lot of sites since they may not have content people will pay for. Imagine if Codecall charged $5 when you signed up - we wouldn't get many new members. MetaFilter manages to do well with that exact same paywall, but they've built their community and reputation around it, and most sites can't do the same.


Anyway, I simply don't visit sites that overdo it with ads - if a site is so spammy that I don't feel I can use it without an AdBlocker, then I don't visit it. It seems like the fairest solution.


It's already extremely difficult for websites to fund themselves through ads because even if nobody uses AdBlock, most people don't click most ads. an example of my own - a few years ago, a hosting deal abruptly came to an end, and I was suddenly looking at server costs outweighing revenue for the site, by quite a lot. We had premium memberships for sale already, but few people took them up, and the ads we ran made basically nothing. Because we needed money right away, our only options were to either made the site paid-only, or to add ads that would actually make us money, but allows us to keep the free option. We went wit the ads, so that we weren't locking out all the free members. They were incredibly intrusive, way more than I'd have like to use, but the result was that not only did we make a lot more ad revenue, but we also saw a huge increase in the number of premium account purchases. In other words, more features (and they were pretty nice features) isn't a selling point to most people, but ad removal is.


Some ads are not PPC they are paid by the views, so it still does damage, but yes most people don't click on Ads, but some do and it can generate a lot of revenue for customers, for example this websites costs must be huge, and it runs by ads, if 90% of visitors had adblock I don't think Roger would have any funds to run it! 

In Topic: Has adblock gone completely crazy or stupid..?

26 August 2013 - 08:24 AM

Adblock has settings to only allow "non-intrusive" ads through. The goal is not to eliminate ads, but convince web developers to stop harassing their users with insanity. There was a time when web ads were just header bars, or a couple side bars. Then they expanded insane flash nonsense that screamed at you. Then you had all manner of stuff where you had to click through a ton of nonsense just to reach content.


I use Adblock. I don't mind an occasional ad, but don't forget that I came to your site for your content, NOT for your ads.


That's true people do come for content, and I do agree some websites and ads get really really annoying when they are all over the place. But websites like YouTube, are huge and these websites tbh need to make a lot of profit to be able to run. My main point which I did not make clear is big sites like YouTube, Google will lose a lot of profit and maybe it will cost us..:(

In Topic: Ubuntu Forums Hacked

24 July 2013 - 02:30 AM

Nobody's safe no more.... Even twitter was hacked, how you gon blame a voluntary community based forum for not being secure enough?


Well at least they can do a bit more than use an encryption which is broken!

In Topic: Webmasters - Backup Tips?

26 June 2013 - 05:17 AM

I just renamed all my backups from last year, learned some tips from that website above. I now have 4 backups. 



X Drive (Games are stored there but website backups won't hurt as it has 250GB of free space)

Portable Drive (250GB only used for backups, Toshiba)

8GB USB stick.


(3 Physical, 1 cloud)


I also have the U drive which is where data is stored as mentioned above, however I would not classify that as a backup.



I think I should be safe. One question for portable drive which is only used for backups, you think I should leave that always connected or only when backups occur? Backups are done every Sunday, and the Windows OS will also do one at the start of every month. 



Maybe Roger could give some tips..

In Topic: Would you rather be Batman, or Justin Bieber?

26 June 2013 - 05:10 AM

Hahaha def Batman, if anyone picks JB im going to kill myself.. ;D


Just for the fun of it then, I'm gonna be Justin Batman B)

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