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CriticalError's Blog > Internet Explorer

Posted 11 April 2013

One of the biggest challenges for web developers is fighting with internet explorer in every way or form, to get to the point it's awful slow, ** and 10 years behind everything else, still we got to support it considering it is the default browser on most PCs. When at work, I usually do most of the testing on Chrome, chrome is always up to date, fast and...

CriticalError's Blog > Making money online

Posted 26 September 2012

I see it 100s of times on forums people asking how to make money of their websites or Youtube videos, of course making a little money is something quite good it can be a side earning to your normal job. The thing is many people do not realize making money online (mainly from your website) is actually harder then finding a job (in my opinion anyway). The w...

CriticalError's Blog > Google vs Facebook Ads

Posted 26 September 2012

This is copy from a thread I made a couple of months ago. This blog post hopefully should spread the word and allow people to decide where to advertise

So I recently launched my website...

CriticalError's Blog > C# vs Visual Basic

Posted 21 August 2012

I see this every time posted on the forum "VB or C#", "Which is better VB or C#?" and the rest. Both languages Visual Basic (or VB) and C# are made by Microsoft and run of the .NetFramework (basically a library full of pre-written code/commands). Many people want to know especially beginners which one to learn first? Well I personally...

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