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In Topic: The basics of Perl

08 April 2010 - 04:05 PM

Part 2 is coming soon - I just got a new job and have been very busy. Thanks for the nice and 'other' comments.

In Topic: Types of Assembly Language

27 March 2010 - 11:32 AM

I think you overloaded him, Dargueta, 'cause you almost overloaded me.

Excellent reply. I've been away longer than I thought, but I'm glad to see someone young still does Assembly language. Keep at it!

In Topic: The basics of Perl

26 March 2010 - 10:42 AM

This is part one. But you're right, they should go buy the books. :cool:

In Topic: Types of Assembly Language

26 March 2010 - 06:37 AM

I don't know IDLE - if its an interactive development environment (IDE) or just an editor. If it builds the executable for you, it's an IDE. If it's an IDE, then it either has the compiler code built into it, or it invokes the compiler externally. You'll have to read your docs that came with IDLE to find out.

In Topic: Types of Assembly Language

25 March 2010 - 07:50 PM

Well, I may want to let dargueta have this one as Assembly is fresher on his brain, but I'll give it a start.

It is very important to know the structure of the CPU as it pertains to its Assembly language. The cache's, registers, flags, et al. that can be (controlled | regulated | used | interpreted | read from | written to) from the CPU's version of Assembly s/b studied. So yes, yes, yes.

The C language and Python do not interpret the Assembly language. The C and Python compiler get the code you write (in C or Python), and translate it into Assembly. Then the Assembler, specific to that CPU and OS, converts it into the machine code (object files), which finally the linker pieces together into an executable. Usually. It may have changed in this regard these days, so I defer you to dargueta for the latest, contemporary version. That was how it was last I checked.

Hope this helps.

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