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Calling all net/sys admins, anyone with access to a domain

19 February 2010 - 08:56 AM

I realize i'm new here, and this may be met with some resistance, but i'm in a bind here. I'm a member at another forum and asked for some help there, but unfortunately there weren't many people who could help, and by not many, I mean none. I'm hoping to reach a wider range of people here. It's a simple application, explained in greater detail below. I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone might have regarding the app.

I'm looking for people with typical active directory domains, real or virtual, with clients connected. The clients will need some local accounts that have been logged in at least once and have a profile created for them and that they don't mind having corrupted if something goes wrong(which it shouldn't but hey that's why we're testing!). Dummy accounts are probably the best option here. Ideal situation is multiple client systems running a variety of OS's, mixing XP, Vista and Seven, different SP levels, etc. Accounts will ideally have different sizes, what i've done is just copy dummy data from \windows to the desktop. Also, have some sort of account specific settings in there, like a mail account or change the background and screensaver, something specific to that user so I can see if I missed anything in the migration process.

Automigrate is an extension, and total rework, of the moveuser.exe utility. Moveuser.exe is a console based application that migrates profiles from an XP machine to a domain. The downside is that it only works on XP(n o Vista or Seven support) and isn't very flexible or powerful. I made Automigrate to fill in the gaps left by moveuser. The current officially supported method to migrate profiles on Vista/Seven is to write some bogus powershell or VB scripts. Instead, I've imitated the steps that moveuser takes and wrapped them up in one fun little application that makes life much easier for sys admins who have to do major migrations, and especially when each machine can have upwards of 20+ profiles. There are a couple trivial settings you can tweak, mostly cosmetic, such as hiding empty profiles(accounts that have been created, but have never been logged into), hiding illegal profiles(not displaying any profile from a list you create) and deleting the local account when migration has finished successfully.

There are a couple things missing that will be added later on that moveuser can do that automigrate cannot, such as migrating a domain profile to the local machine and from domain to domain. I really just need people to give it a shot, try to break it, throw things at it. When you test it if you could report back here with how you tested it, what OS/SP level/etc, what kind of domain(2k3/2k8, etc) and if it crashed or otherwise failed. Obviously, log back into the newly migrated account and test out any account specific things. Anything else you can add would be great.


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