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MMORPG project

15 August 2012 - 12:52 PM

ok i have a project in plans and looking for any game enthusiast who would like to help with this project

the project is still in planning stage so any new comers are welcome at this time

we are looking for the following skills:
  • Java programmers
  • C++ programmers
  • c# programmers
  • someone to assist with the story line and game mechanic planning
  • beginner to expert programmers welcome this is just a project to being a new game into the scene and to have fun doing do as well as for beginners to get some experience and something to put on paper or just got a hobby
this project will be ongoing and it is for those wanting to mayb thow some free time around have fun and communcate with other developers to create and put your own ideas into a game and when its complete then you can see the work in action

any money the project brings in after completion will be split between the members who have stayed the entire time and contributed to the cause. the game will be a Free to play but will have the option to buy game points to spend ingame on items so income money will be a opportunity to be done. but only with the help from the community this isnt a project one person can do. so if anyone is interested email me at n0cturn4l@charter.net

when emailing me please let me know what position you wish to join in as and what your skills are and ill discuss it more with you

thank you

-- sincerely Matthew Dowell
lead project manager and map designer / texture designer.

P.S: also this Project will be partly under GNU license and partly closed source license if u wish to have your piece of the code as open source ill grant that and make it available to anyone and everyone as pure unedited source. if u wish for your source to be closed and private to only the developers then that will be granted as well so if u put work into this let me know if you want that work to be pubic or private

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