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Alex3k's Blog > Donation of Computers

Posted 23 January 2011

Hey guys,
Havnt really been very active for ages however i have been visiting most days!

So at school ive been getting abit of a name for myself, going around fixing computers (its unbelievable how much kids break computers for example i fixed a computer one day. They ripped out the hard drive! and i replaced it and made sure the chassis was secure, next...

Alex3k's Blog > Im not sure for a good title for this :confused:

Posted 13 January 2010


Alex3k's Blog > First impressions of CodeCall and My Missions

Posted 07 January 2010

Hey all,
I am new to codecall im not sure how long ive been using CodeCall however its been since December:)

I see alot of people on here keep blogs so I thought I could give this a go, this isn't just for people to keep updated with my mission (I will explain that later) its for me as well so i can review my past when I want to feel successful in the...

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