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Please check my answers on Java module exam

28 November 2009 - 05:43 AM

Hi everyone,

I'm preparing for my Java module exam and I'm going through previous term papers. I have completed some of the questions and I need someone to check my answers and tell me if I have done it the correct way.

The questions are as below,

a) Briefly explain what byte code is.


Each java program is converted into one or more class files. The content of the class file is a set of instructions called bytecode to be executed by JVM. Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is an interpreter for the bytecode.

B) Briefly explain what is instance variable.


An instance variable is a variable defined in a class, for which each object in the class has a separate copy.

c) State the output for the below expression.

i) 9 && 33

I'm not too sure how to answer this but I know that the && logical AND operator evaluates both values to true

ii) 19 || 6

Same with one, the || logical OR operator evaluates either one of the value to true.

iii) 16 >> 2


The output is 4. Converting 16 to binary which is 10000 and shift right by 2 bits which is 100 then converting back to decimal gives 4.

iv) 9 << 1


The output is 18. Converting 9 to binary which is 1001 and shift left by 1 bit which is 10010 then converting back to decimal gives 18.

v) 34 % 6


The output is 4. The remainder operator will divide 34 by 6 and output 4 as its result.

d) Identify the mistakes found in the codes below.

public static void checkBigger(int no1, no2)

{ if (no1 > no2); 

return no1;


return no2; }



Line 1: Return type for the second variable is not defined and there is no opening brace
Line 2: the opening brace should be after the if statement and the semi colon is not required
Line 3: void method cannot return a value
Line 4: if-else statement should be enclosed in braces
Line 5: void method cannot return a value

The above code should look like this

public static void checkBigger(int no1, int no2) 
        if (no1 > no2)
            do something;
            do something;

e i) Declare a class handphone with member brand of String and price of double type


class handPhone
    String brand;
    double price;

ii) Implement a constructor to initialize all the attributes belonging to handphone object


public handPhone(String phoneBrand, double phonePrice)
    brand = phoneBrand;
    price = phonePrice;

iii) Implement a method expensiveBrand which will return true if the price of it is above 500 otherwise return false.


double price;

    public boolean expensiveBrand()
        if (price > 500)
            return true;

            return false;

iv) Write statement to create an m2 object of handphone type and activate the expensiveBrand method

Not sure how to answer this

m2 handPhone = new m2();

Please check and advice on the Java code below

24 October 2009 - 06:30 PM

Hi Everyone,

Could someone please tell me if the below code satisfies the following question,

Write a class Game which stores the games id, processor required, price, ram capacity, game type, and number of copies downloaded. Inside this class, you need to declare extra two members, constructor, and methods of it.

public class Game {
     // game variables
     private String id;
     double price;
     String processor;
     int ramCapacity;
     String gameType;
     int copiesDownloaded;

     // constructor and default values of variables
public Game() {
     price = 19.90;
     processor = "x86";
     ramCapacity = 1024;
     gameType = "RPG";
     copiesDownloaded = 1411;

     // to start the application
     public static void main(String[] args) {
         Game x = new Game();
           x.id = "Robots attack";

     // methods
     String getID()                          {return id;}
     double getPrice()                      {return price;}
     String getProcessor()                  {return processor;}
     int getRam()                              {return ramCapacity;}
     String getGameType()               {return gameType;}
     int getCopiesDownloaded()          {return copiesDownloaded;}


Thank you all for sharing your time and knowledge with me, much appreciated.

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