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Guest's Blog > Memorizing Pi

Posted 04 March 2011

As some of you may know, March 14th is Pi Day! (3/14, get it?)

I recommended to my calculus teacher that we should do something special for Pi Day, like eat pie. I guess he thought it was a good idea, because a few days later he said we will have some sort of celebration. The math department will probably come up with pi t-shirts we can buy, and there is...

Guest's Blog > Putting my data on a cloud? I don't think so.

Posted 18 June 2010


Guest's Blog > Getting tired of C?

Posted 19 March 2010


Guest's Blog > TI-BASIC: An awesome programming language!

Posted 04 March 2010

I don't usually like BASIC programming languages, but TI-BASIC is a different story.

Things I like about TI-BASIC:

The only thing I like about every BASIC language, the simplicity. No OOP or any of that crap to get in my way. Same reason I like C, actually.
I can program with it on my calculator! That means I can program at school, or on the...

Guest's Blog > Why Free Software is Important

Posted 01 November 2009

I have been on CodeCall for a little while now, so everyone has probably noticed my free software user bar, and maybe even clicked it. I will tell you about free software in a FAQ style blog post.

What is free software?
Free software doesn't mean free in price (although it usually is free in price too). That software is called freeware. Free software gives...

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