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Scheduler in Linux to check from database

16 November 2009 - 06:45 PM

Hi All,

I am a newbie to Linux.

I have some ideas in my mind but I have no idea whether I can implement it on Linux or not.

I need to have a program that running on Linux pc that can run automatically everyday to check from a database table to see whether any services have reached their due date. If yes, this program need to send an email as a notification to the person-in-charge; if not, just exit the program and wait for the next run on tomorrow.

As I know, cron is program similar to task scheduler in Windows. May I know whether I can make this scheduled job happen in Linux? and how to make it?


Scheduler/VB6 program running in Linux Fedora

16 November 2009 - 01:41 AM

Hi all,

I have made a vb6 porgram, it is running without any error in windows platform. However, i want it to be run at Fedora too. I run my program with Wine Windows Program Loader in a Linux pc, but the program stuck with an error message:

Run-time error '429':
ActiveX component can't create object

I thought it was the error message because of missing some dll/reference files, so I tried to copy all those related .dll & .ocx file into my wine file. (Just copy and paste into the system32 of wine, no regsvr32 statement to register the .dll as what we always do in Windows.) However, all my efforts are in vain. I not sure what is the cause of this error. Anybody can give me a hint on this issue?

p/s: My purpose to run the vb6 program in linux is because I want to make a scheduler in linux pc so that this program can be run once per day automatically and send email. Any suggestion on how to achieve this also are welcome. I am lost... Many many thanks!

Send HTML email with Text Boxes

25 August 2009 - 07:34 PM


I want to make a send email function which display Text Boxes in the email content so that my receipents can fill in accordingly. However, besides the auto-generated Text Boxes, the sender also need to type-in some information before the mail is sent out. So once I click on the "EMAIL" button in my vb form, the Text Boxes and some information is auto-generated. The sender is able to see these info+TextBoxes before he/she clicks SEND to send the email out.

My Problem:
1) Initially i did it with CreateObjebct("Outlook.Application") to automate Microsoft Outlook application. It works by i construct the Text Boxes and info and put them into HTML tags. However the users only have Outlook Express but not Microsoft Outlook so this method is out.

2) I tried another method which I send Email With MAPI Components. However, I had been told that MAPI doesn't support HTML email

3) Now, i used vbSendMail.dll and SMTP server to send the email since it support the HTML. However, it displays the HTML tags and it is hard to read by users whose dont know about HTML since they need to type/add on information to the email content.

Any idea on what will be the best solution for this probem?

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